Artagon is a non-profit project dedicated to European art students and young artists. Its purpose is to explore, bring together and support their ideas and practices towards a global audience. Founded in 2014 in Paris by Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni, Artagon is run with the contribution of Marine Gracies, Ségolène Souloy, Alexandre Reverdito, Basil Isitt, Alexis Bourély, François Parmantier and Luna Blanchard.

Born from the will to support young artists in their fledgling career, its activity revolved until now around the “international exhibition of art school students”. This event − a world premiere − gathered every year more than 30 artists chosen by an international jury in a selection of schools, with a focus on an European region.

In four editions 90 jury members visited 35 European art schools and discovered the works of 850 students, 150 of them have been exhibited in Paris. The exhibitions brought together more than 50,000 visitors and offered many opportunities for the artists.